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Cranfield Simulation Formula simulators are build around a composite single seater tub formed from a real Formula 1 mould. This can be supplied either as a static simulator or with any of our g-cueing motion modules for an ultra immersive driving experience like no other.


Our formula simulators are constructed around a composite single seater chassis formed from a real F1 mould. This positions the driver in the exact seating position as in a real formula car.  In addition, only the best components, including the steering wheel and pedals, are configured to communicate with the simulation software for a true to life experience.  

Coupled with our highly accurate and almost instantaneous g-cueing systems that we have supplied to F1 teams, the driving experience is representative of real life like no other simulator outside of the F1 industry. 

Choose one of our preset packages for a hassle free, ready to use solution or build your own system from the many options shown below.

The modular design allows the simulator to be upgraded at any time. Our graphics and state of the art physics software contains a large and constantly growing library of real world vehicles and circuits.

The world’s first F1 driving system designed for home installation, the Cranfield Simulator may sounds like a suburban sex menace but it’s actually the closest thing many of us are going to get to sitting in Lewis Hamilton’s lap.

Delivering an immersive, exhilarating, balls-to-the-proverbial-walls Formula 1 driving experience using patented technology developed to train fighter jet pilots, the simulator lets you choose any car and build it to any specifications, to then be driven like a hound straight from hell on any circuit in the world.

Creating a virtual illusion, the Cranfield system tricks the brain into feeling G-force sensations to create the most realistic and immersive driving experience available. Each simulators is entirely bespoke and built to the specifications of the individual client.

Featuring plug-and-play software and powered by a single mains socket, the simulator has been used by teams from F1, F2, GT and NASCAR to replicate the sensation of sustained motion – you’ll feel every corner, every tap of the brakes, every surge of thrusting exhileration as if you’re behind the wheel of a real racing car.